Hotel zum Weissensee

Passionate hosts
for generations

Family Koch


In the morning before first light, not wanting to waste a minute of the day, Birgit can be found taking care of anything and everything that might need her attention. She might be in the office dealing with inquiries, attending to small details around the hotel, or making sure individual guests have what they need. In the afternoon she’ll find a little time for her mountain bike, or maybe the yoga mat.


Gerhard can most often be found in either the wine or the beer cellar. He has a fine palate and, with the aim of ensuring each of our guests has the perfect glass for dinner, he’s always on the lookout for new products. He’s always ready with a joke or a funny anecdote and is guided by his personal mantra: “don’t take life too seriously, take everything as it comes, and be ready for anything”.


Family tradition at Weissensee


And then there’s the next generation. There’s Laura, the eldest, already at work in the family business. She might be dashing around the hotel to take the perfect photo so that our guests are able to stay up to date on social media, happily combining her hobby with her day job in the process. With her creative mind, she has responsibility for all aspects of design and marketing.

Laura's husband Franziskus can be found in the kitchen, creating the daily evening menu with fresh ideas and new tastes. He immediately implemented his new hobby in our field, where he checks every day whether his protégés are growing well and are perfectly cared for. He is also fond of wild herbs and often strolls through the surrounding meadows in search of suitable flowers and leaves.


Jakob is the sixth generation at the Hotel zum Weissensee, he enchants our guests and of course the whole family with his cheerful smile and if Laura and Franziskus look a little wrinkled, the little man is definitely responsible too.


Hanna and Emma are still in training, Hanna is a kindergarten teacher and Emma is studying in Vienna. Wherever a helping hand is needed, they are always there - without any ifs or buts.


We look forward to meeting you in person,

Gerhard, Birgit, Laura, Franziskus, Jakob, Hanna and Emma KOCH

Feel at home on holiday. Arrive and be welcomed with a personal “hello”, an inviting smile, and an open ear – these will remain throughout your stay

– It’s what we’re here for, and we love what we do.