Hotel zum Weissensee

Our history

Hotel zum Weissensee


Let us dive into the past, back to the year 1618 when our main house was built. Then, the area’s main purpose was agriculture, and the house began its existence as a farmhouse on a small farm whose border was the shore of beautiful Lake Weissensee. Over time more and more people came to discover this natural treasure at the foot of the Gailtal Alps, enjoying the pleasant temperatures and the benefits of being close to nature and water.


A piece of history


Farmers increasingly turned their attention towards tourism and hospitality, but a headlong rush into new ventures is not the local style, and as always in Carinthia, change happened slowly but steadily. Gentle tourism, as we now know it, was an idea unknown to our forebears, but they practiced it in all but name, and the preservation of the nature around them was always at the forefront of their minds. Proposals for big, unsympathetic changes were met with a critical and often disapproving eye, and their supporters disappointed. And it is thanks to this prevailing attitude that our beautiful natural sites and tranquil surroundings endure to this day for us all to enjoy.

Over the years our house has slowly transformed from farmhouse to tavern, to bed and breakfast, to inn, and finally to hotel. Our family has built a legacy in hospitality that is now well into its fifth generation.


Tradition with a future


with a love and knowledge of hospitality and tourism being passed down from one generation to the next. The original farmhouse is now a contemporary, down-to-earth hotel with an emphasis on hospitality, comfort and meeting our guests needs. And we pride ourselves on a receptiveness to new ideas that might improve the experience of our guests.